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Our public relations company was started in March 2018.  Our first success was for Blackpool based band The AwKwArDs, whom we managed to get press coverage in a number of publications through Alice’s music journalism and radio play on Merseyside-based Vintage Radio’s Outta Limits Show and Fylde Coast Radio’s Tuesday Night Rock Show.  The latter also included an interview.  Alice’s initial review of the band at The Waterloo Music Bar in Blackpool has since also been used on several ‘About’ sections on the internet.  Since then, whilst gradually expanding our reach across the UK as well as the number of publications, radio stations and other companies that we work with, we have worked in a similar way for other artists including Leicester based Dreams of Carnage; London-based artist What Did You Expect?; Rochdale based punk band Potential Victims; London based singer-songwriter Tim Arnold, formerly of ‘90s band Jocasta; Blackpool based singer-songwriter Macy Rodwell, Blackpool-based punk band Dischord and Burnley-based dark punk band System of Hate.  We are always on the look out for new artists to work with making music in all genres, whether unsigned or signed.  If you might be interested in our affordable public relations services, please get in touch via our Contact page.


- Liam Johnston, the Outta Limits Show, Vintage Radio on Alice Jones-Rodgers.  Via Facebook.

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