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Potential Victims

Welcome to the Potential Victims page.

Potential Victims were originally formed in 1981 by original vocalist Jak and bassist Tony 'Toz' Whelan.  They were first heard on vinyl on the Crass label when their track 'People' was included on the 'Bullshit Detector 3' compilation album.  In 1985, they were joined by lead vocalist and lead guitarist Spibey.  At this point in time, they were playing alongside bands such as GBH and Anti-Nowhere League on a regular basis.

The band originally split later in 1985 but found each other again via website and reformed in 2009.  Their current line-up consists of Spibey and Toz with Martin Camilleri on guitar and Simon Millin on drums.  

Earlier this year, EDC released the digital version of their self-titled album, which is available to buy from our releases page or on over 200 other online sites, including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.  In 2018, Potential Victims were busy promoting the album with live dates around the UK and radio appearances, including one notable interview on Merseyside's Vintage Radio alongside EDC's very own Alice.  This led to more bookings, a huge following on Merseyside and the album being put on heavy rotation on the Outta Limits Show.

So far this year, the band have released their brand new single, 'Population Mind Control' / 'Die Hard' on EDC and currently performing yet more live dates up and down the country.


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