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Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-six (Physical).


Featuring: John Coghlan / Status Quo; Arthur Brown; Marty, Kim and Roxy Wilde; Sunbirds (The Housemartins / The Beautiful South); John Illsley / Dire Straits; Pilot; Barry Blue; Sigue Sigue Sputnik; Lordi; Idlewild; Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes; German Shepherd Records; Dislocation Dance; The Far North; Stone Foundation; Wasted World; Frenchy's Rants; Bruce Springsteen; On the Rocks; Eagles and much more!


"A wee slice of rock 'n' roll history" delivered straight to your door!


Twelve and Six Month Subscriptions also available ...

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Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-six (Physical).

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