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Eighth Day Magazine Brokers Lucrative Publishing and Distribution Deal!

Dear valued customers and supporters of Eighth Day Magazine,

We must begin this otherwise celebratory post with an apology for our recent slowness in getting your orders for print copies of Eighth Day Magazine to you. Unfortunately, this has been due to factors annoyingly out of our control and a situation that we found ourselves in which has been quite distressing for us, not least because we value each and every single one of our customers and the service that we are able to offer you above everything else. Doubly frustrating was the fact that whilst orders were crawling out, everything up to that point in the process of delivering Eighth Day Magazine to you each month was running in the same smooth manner as usual.

For the first five and a half years of our existence, we have been an entirely DIY operation … and by DIY, we mean the whole shebang, from starting with a blank slate each month right through to the distribution of our high quality, 160 pages guaranteed full-on glossy publication. It has been a heck of a ride so far and one that has seen us interviewing all the biggest names in the entertainment industry whilst always supporting new talent, bringing you renowned regular features such as Wasted World and Football Rants! and selling to, on last count, 27 countries worldwide. Not bad for a music, film and culture publication which began life as an idea hatched in a front room in the North of England! However, despite our DIY origins, from the very beginning, our maxim has always been “Why stop there?”

Rather than proceeding with blind faith, in light of the recent highlighted problems that we have encountered, we began actively searching for a solution that would make the distribution side of our operations quicker. BUT what we weren’t bargaining on was stumbling upon a deal that would change the infrastructure of Eighth Day Magazine as you know it for good in the most positive of ways. That came quite by mistake and a great deal of good fortune in one of those real stars and moon aligning moments.

We are now absolutely over the moon to announce that here at Eighth Day Magazine, we have just brokered a lucrative publishing and distribution deal! The good news for you of course is that there will now be far less waiting around for your order to arrive on your doorstep, but for us, it means that we can take Eighth Day Magazine to even greater, and previously only dreamt of, new heights … the type of heights which we envisioned when we first set out on this journey back in 2018 in fact!

With this new publishing and distribution deal, we are also able to tap into our new partner’s dazzling array of award-winning green credentials regarding the type of paper and vegetable-based inks used during production together with its carbon neutral status. More on that soon, but we are very proud that we can now safely say we are playing our part in protecting the planet.

But once again, “Why stop there?” When we relaunch in July, we will not just be relaunching Eighth Day Magazine. We will also be bringing you a whole new website from which to buy the magazine and take advantage of the array of other services offered by our parent company, run by the very same dedicated team, Eighth Day Communications. There has been a certain amount of “streamlining” in certain areas, but elsewhere, should we just say an expansion into previously unchartered areas. Again, more on that soon! In addition, in order to honour our DIY roots all those years ago, we will be putting Eighth Day Magazine on sale in a number of physical retail outlets around our native Blackpool. Once again, more news on that soon! We have also expanded our core team and the team of writers who contribute to the magazine each month. The latter of these changes was again more by accident than design and we are incredibly pleased to be bringing on board new writing talent for future issues.

There is so much more to say about the changes that you will see taking place in the coming weeks, but for now, we would just like to thank anybody who has supported Eighth Day Magazine and indeed Eighth Day Communications in any way over the last five and a half years and we look forward to interacting with you all for many more years to come!

Your Sincerely,

The Eighth Day Magazine / Eighth Day Communications Team.

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