Please welcome our next P.R. clients, Dischord.

We are really pleased to announce that we are about to be doing P.R. for our friends, Blackpool-based punk band Dischord. Dischord have already released three albums, 'The Wakes' (2012); 'Here Come the Weeds' (2015) and 'War or Peace' (2016), as well as 2011's 3-track 'Your Father's Moustache' EP, which featured their take on Morrissey's classic tale of a "seaside town that should be closed down", 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'. The band's own tale of seaside woe, 'Seaside Suicide' is a firm live favourite and along with a host of other stunningly constructed punk vignettes can be heard on your airwaves very soon, along with an interview with the band. In the meantime, to hear and buy Dischord's music, please visit their Bandcamp:

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