Leap Back to the Drive with Eighth Day Magazine Issue Eighteen! Print and eMag Released 07/03/20!

This month we celebrated the leap year by firing up our time machine and heading back to the seventies to unleash Eighth Day Magazine Issue Eighteen. The official release date is 07/03/20, but you can pre-order Print copies now! eMag version to follow on day of release!

We did a bit of re-jigging and some jiggery-pokery and got even more adventurous with the design work in order to make Eighth Day Magazine even better and provide you with even more value for your £4.50 (Print) or £3 (eMag) and in the process, came up with for our most righteously rock 'n' roll issue so far!

Our cover stars are Suzi Quatro and Cherie Currie. Yes, two legends for the price of one! In Kevin Burke's interview with Suzi, she discusses her life and career so far, from her formative years in Detroit right up to recently winning the She Rocks Icon Award on 17th January this year. Meanwhile, Cherie, who presented Suzi with the award, very kindly wrote a brilliant foreword especially for the interview, in which she details Suzi's influence on herself, The Runaways and others.

Other interviews in this massive issue include The Boomtown Rats, where Sir Bob Geldof discusses with the band's first album in thirty-six years, 'Citizens of Boomtown', with Alice Jones-Rodgers; Paul Draper, who took the time to talk to us and members of the Facebook group 'The Eden Room' about his career so far, from his days in Mansun through to preparations for his upcoming second solo album 'Cult Leader Tactics'; long-time Blockheads member Chaz Jankel, who spoke to Kevin to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Ian Dury's passing; Shamanic Sacramento singer-songwriter Anton Barbeau, who told Alice all about his brand new album (the twenty-fifth? The thirty-fifth? We've lost count and so has he!) 'Kenny vs. Thrust'; one of the best new bands you will hear all year, Crystal Palace two-piece JOHN, who spoke to Alice all about their plans for the remainder of 2020, including this year's Rebellion Festival; Plymouth eight-piece The Spoils Collective, who describe themselves as "punk poetry, performance art, hip-hop, indie, comedy ... Rhythm and Poetry Performance Art with a love of cardboard!" and spoke to Paul Foden after their recent gig at the Underground, which he also reviews and Coventry gothic rockers Attrition, who are this year celebrating their fortieth anniversary with a brand new album, 'The Black Maria' and tell Peter Dennis all about it.

Elsewhere, Paul takes an in-depth look at Depeche Mode's classic album 'Violator' to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary; in the first of a brand new series, Greater Manchester-based label German Shepherd Records this month present the eclectic and genre-defying talent Moff Skellington; in another new feature entitled 'Introducing', Alice gets over-excited about Ian Moss of Four Candles' brand new band The English Disease and the multi-national north-west based band who you must hear, Full House; Frenchy joins us for another rant, this month about Smart Motorways; Alice reviews the second album by Commoners Choir, who are led by former Chumbawamba lead guitarist Boff Whalley, entitled 'Untied Kingdom' (no, that isn't a typo!) and gives her verdict on the eighth film in the DC Extended Universe, 'Birds of Prey' and the brand new Peter Cattaneo (he of 'The Full Monty' fame) Brit-com 'Military Wives'; Dan Webster's legendary comic strip Wasted World returns for another installment and Peter reviews Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart's recent triumphant gig at the Jazz Cafe in Camden.

You will find all this and much more in Eighth Day Magazine Issue Eighteen, available for pre-order in Print form now, with eMag version to follow on day of release!

Issue Eighteen was brought to you by the Eighth Day Magazine team:

Alice Jones-Rodgers: Editor-in-Chief, interviewer, writer, reviewer

Scott Rodgers: Photographer

Kevin Burke: Interviewer, writer and reviewer

Paul Foden: Interviewer, writer and reviewer

Peter Dennis: Interviewer, writer and reviewer

Wayne Reid: Interviewer, writer and reviewer (currently AWOL but no doubt planning something big!)

Frenchy: Rants

Dan Webster: Wasted World

German Shepherd Records: "Different Noises for Your Ears".

We always encourage contributors and new writers, so please feel free to send us your work for consideration to eighthdaymagazine@outlook.com. Similarly, if you would like to advertise with us and take advantages of our low prices, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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