Issue Three Now SOLD OUT in Physical Form But Still Available to Buy in eMag Form!

Due to exceptional demand, the Physical version of Eighth Day Magazine is now *SOLD OUT!* However, you don't have to miss out because it is still available to own in eMag form HERE.

Thank you to everybody who bought a copy of the Physical version. Issue Three saw us export to Germany and the US and give a photographer, the very talented Bill Malcolm, their first front cover. We feel very proud right now!

Remaining orders will be sent out at the beginning of the week. We have now sold out THREE issues in Physical form! Issues One and Two also still available to purchase in eMag form HERE.

Issue Four will be released on 05/01/18 in both Physical and eMag forms. If you would like to contribute anything related to music, film or art (or anything else that our readers might find interesting), our email address is All submissions to be in by 15/12/18.

Love EDC.

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