Everything You Need to Know About Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twelve, Out Now in Print and eMag Form!

Welcome to Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twelve, out now in Print and eMag form! As usual, the Print version is available here or from Action Records in Preston or The Waterloo Music Bar and the Electrical Discount Centre in Blackpool ... or for those of you who prefer reading on your computers or mobile devices, it is also available in eMag form here!

Inside Issue Twelve, you will find a massive fifteen page special feature about the making of Resistance 77's new single and video, 'Punk's Not Dead But I'm Not Far Off'. We are even in the video, which was, in part, filmed in Blackpool during this year's Rebellion Festival! You can watch the video here ...

The feature includes an interview with frontman Oddy, in which he reveals the inspiration behind the song and video; an in-depth analysis of bassist Kieron Egan's lyrics in which we look at the classic punk singles that are referenced in them; a piece by Spenny, who runs the Facebook group which gave the song its name and last but definitely not least, a camera eye view from video maker Stuart Sterling. Sterling also talks about his work with Vice Squad, Crashed Out and Discharge.

Whilst we were at Rebellion Festival enjoying the main event and the fringe events, Punk 'n' Rollers Healthy Junkies bought us some chips and talked to us about their career so far and playing the festival for the seventh time; we oinked it out with Blackpool indie punks Dü Pig and Swiss hardcore punk band NOFNOG joined us for a chat. See the results in Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twelve!

Elsewhere in Issue Twelve, you will also find interviews with Corby's instrumentalists Family of Noise; Blackpool retro-rockers The Freakbeats and Northampton gothic / alternative rock band Venus Fly Trap, whilst Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch reveals all about the Glaswegian indie legends' soundtrack to Simon Bird's directorial debut 'Days of the Bagnold Summer'. We also take a look at Belle and Sebastian's astounding twenty-three year career and reveal their essential releases.

You want more? Well, we also review Kid Klumsy's brand new EP 'Singing Our Souls', give our verdict on psychotic indie pop band Faerground Accidents' second album 'Abduction' and head to their native Sheffield to reveal the essential albums from the Steel City. Meanwhile, Chris Newton, lead vocalist of Dischord reviews Ari Aster's new folk horror 'Midsommar'.

And yet, there is STILL more! With us already having endured the wrath of Dave and Kris Brock, Frenchy joins us for the second part of his Hawkwind rant ... What will happen next is anybody's guess! Elsewhere, we look at the best (and worst) of the Mercury Prize in preparation for this year's contest, held on 19th September; Four Candles frontman Ian Moss tells us all about his new book 'Cheese (100 Unhip Albums I Love)'; we mark the return of Eighth Day favourites The Senton Bombs; ask who the hell The 1975 think they are and say a big get well soon to Hung Like Hanratty frontman Al Sation following the recent glassing incident.

And just to round things off with a massive cherry on top ... Fancy some more interviews? Some more big stars? Well, we sent author Wayne Reid out to talk to (in no particular order) Annex UK, Pauline Murray of Penetration, Roddy Radiation of The Specials, Die Kur, Spizzenergi, Fear Incorporated, Will Crowden of The Selector, Louise Crane of The Eden House, Kirk Brandon, Alice's Wicked Tea Party, 2 Drunk Punks, Fred Previous of Vertical Hold, Rat Scabies of The Damned, Lu Edmonds of PiL, Beki Bond of Vice Squad, Grooving in Green and The Droogettes about what Brexit means for musicians!

Hold on, you still want more? Go on then, there is more ... You also get a free poster!!!!


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