Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-two out now ... and a MASSIVE thank you to all our readers!

Welcome to Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-two! Unbelievably, this is our FOURTH issue of the lockdown. If you are a business owner (or even if you are aren't), we are sure you can imagine that it has been hard work for all involved, but throughout it all, you, our loyal readership, have been absolutely amazing and we cannot thank you enough. Money has been tight for a lot of people, so we really appreciated you paying us what spare change you have for either our Print or eMag versions. Now, as life slowly starts to get back to some sort of normality, we are even more appreciative that, in terms of sales, Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-two absolutely eclipsed our last few issues during the Print pre-order period. Thank you so incredibly much to everybody who has pre-ordered Print copies or has downloaded our eMag version so far, we hope you enjoy what we think is our best issue so far!

Our cover star is Colin Moulding, bassist, co-vocalist and so-songwriter of XTC and in Alice Jones-Rodgers' in-depth interview with him, we pose the question 'Settlement' or reformation and get a surprising, very exclusive response! We also celebrate the fortieth anniversary of XTC's fourth album 'Black Sea'.

Talking of in-depth interviews, you won't get much more in-depth than our massive thirty-page interview with The Manfreds' Tom McGuinness, in which Alice asks him all about the band's initial run in the sixties, during which they achieved three UK number ones and a US number one (so beginning this issue's British Invasion theme in honour of American Independence Day, its official release date), their reformation in 1991 to mark Tom's fiftieth birthday and all things in between and after, including McGuinness Flint, The Blues Band and much more!

Another legend interviewed in this issue is Radio DJ Tony Prince. Tony was one of the original pirate DJs on Radio Caroline before coming ashore due to the 1967 Marine Offences Act. Thereafter, he moved to Radio Luxembourg, where he stayed until 1984 becoming the station's programme manager, completely overhauling the station's sound. He also started the highly influential Disco Mix Club mail order service and Mixmag, which having been bought by EMAP in the late '80s, followed by Wasted Talent Ltd (now known as Mixmag Media Ltd), is now said to reach over a million people every month! Tony's latest venture is United DJs, a digital radio station which brings together all the biggest names of radio's illustrious past, including Mike Read, Emperor Rosko, David 'Kid' Jensen and many others, to play music from the last seven decades. Tony talks to Alice about all of the above and much more, including interviewing Elvis Presley twice in 1972 and 1973!

You want more legends? Well, Kevin Burke interviews Vince Melouney, who after having already enjoyed success with Australian band Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, in 1967, became an original member of the Bee Gees. After leaving the Bee Gees after four albums in late 1968, he formed the band Fanny Adams and currently fronts The Vince Melouney Sect, with whom he has just released a brand new single. A cover of the Easybeats' 'Women (Make You Feel Alright)', the single was produced by The Kinks and The Who recording wizard Shel Talmy.

Kevin also speaks to the equally legendary Vicki Peterson. Vicki is best known as a founding member of one of the biggest all-female groups of all time, The Bangles but over her long career, she has also been a touring member of The Go-Go's and part of both The Continental Drifters and Psycho Sisters, alongside Susan Cowsill of American singing group The Cowsills.

BUT, we're not finished yet, because Kevin's third interview in this issue is yet another legend, Gary Lucas, best known as guitarist with Captain Beefheart's band and key Jeff Buckley collaborator. Gary talks about all this, as well as his post-Beefheart band Gods and Monsters and collaborating with John Cale, Leonard Bernstein, Nick Cave, David Johansen and Lou Reed and many others.

Elsewhere in this landmark issue, Peter Dennis speaks to Nashville hardcore (yes, you read that right!) band Chamber and Alice catches up with Preston bassist Jack Harkins (formerly of Ludovico, The Common Cold and Ginnel) to learn more about his, guitarist John Harkins (also a member of Crossbill) and former Cornershop and The Common Cold drummer David Chambers' brand new outfit Uhr in our Introducing section. BUT, as Jack tells us, "Uhr are not a band" …. Find out exactly what they are in Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-two.

Talking of new artists, German Shepherd Records return for another instalment of 'German Shepherd Records Present ...' This month, the featured artists are Moongoose, The Junta, Jed, Night Operations and The Screaming Love Collective. Also returning is Wasted World, Dan Webster's much loved comic strip and Frenchy's Rants, which is this month titled 'The Day Hate Came to Town' … Rather than tell you what it is about this month, we will let you see for yourself!

Just when you think this issue couldn't get any bigger, The Senton Bombs' bassist and vocalist Joey Class talks us through 'Lake', the third single from the band's upcoming sixth album, Paul Foden celebrates the fortieth anniversary of Joy Division's second and final album 'Closer', whilst Alice reviews the brand new double A-side single 'I'm Not Your Slave' / 'Wild and Free' by London punk / R&B band The Godfathers, Bob Dylan's first album of brand new material in eight years, 'Rough and Rowdy Ways' and Rubikah Shah's directorial debut 'White Riot', which chronicles the events leading up to and surrounding the Rock Against Racism movement.

You can find all this and much, much more in Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-two, out now in Print and eMag form!

Stay safe and well and we hope you enjoy our latest issue!

Issue Twenty-two was brought to you by the Eighth Day Magazine team:

Alice Jones-Rodgers: Editor-in-Chief, interviewer, writer, reviewer

Scott Rodgers: Photographer

Kevin Burke: Interviewer, writer and reviewer

Paul Foden: Interviewer, writer and reviewer

Peter Dennis: Interviewer, writer and reviewer

Wayne Reid: Interviewer, writer and reviewer

Frenchy: Rants

Dan Webster: Wasted World

German Shepherd Records: "Different Noises for Your Ears".

Joey Class: Guest writer.

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