Eighth Day Magazine Issue Three Out Now, Issue Four released 05/01/19! Contributors Welcome!

Eighth Day Magazine Issue Three is out now in Physical and eMag form. It features Hurricane #1, Ultrasound, Idles, Urusei Yatsura, John Peel, Therapy?, Albums of the Year, Muse, Queen, QueenEsque, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dreams of Carnage and much more, plus a free Christmas gift!

Meanwhile, Issue Four will be released on 05/01/19. If you would like to contribute anything related to music, film, art or anything else our readers may find interesting, please email your article ideas to eighthdaymagazine or DM us at our Facebook page.

We have a busy week coming up, with the release of EDC002 on Friday (07/12/18). You may have also noticed a new tab appear on our website last week. Well, this week, there will be three more very exciting tabs! All four tabs are in preparation for 2019, which promises to be one hell of a year!

Love EDC x

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