Boom Bang-a-bang, Eighth Day Magazine Issue Ten is Out Now!

Welcome to Eighth Day Magazine Issue Ten! Yes, the magazine that started as an idea in a front room in an unassuming house in the North West of England, went on to interview everybody from UK Subs to ex-members of Hawkwind and beyond, has spent ten months bringing you all the best new bands and has sold all over the globe has reached double figures!

For Eighth Day Magazine Issue Ten, we thought we would do something a bit different, so we proudly present what might be the first 'concept magazine'. Without spoiling it too much, you will notice that this issue has several running themes all linked to two main themes: Eurovision and Brexit ... two themes which should never be linked but are both as absurd as each other!

The idea started when our friends Hung Like Hanratty told us that they are attempting to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2020. In Issue Ten, they tell us all about it as we dissect why we fail so miserably at the competition. Neatly linked with this, writer and political commentator Will Self discusses Brexit, as well as the art of writing and Flicknife Records boss Frenchy joins us for the fourth installment of Frenchy's Rants, which this month is all about Eurovision. Meanwhile, as part of the definitive interview, Fylde Coast punk legends One Way System tell us how the current state of world politics inspired their first album in twenty years, 'Car Bombs in Babylon' and much more.

Elsewhere, we interview one of Blackpool's hottest and most bizarre exports Black Eddy; Towers of London tell us all about their return and how they have taken up where they left off thirteen years ago and Birmingham punk band Rotunda get a round in! Plus, Mike Puke, frontman of New Zealand punk band The Pukes discusses the evolution of promoting music on social media, from MySpace to Facebook, we reveal everything we know so far about the Pixies' forthcoming seventh album 'Beneath the Eyrie', delve into Radiohead's 'MiniDiscs [Hacked]', review The Divine Comedy's twelfth album 'Office Politics' and give our verdict on 'Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese'.

You can find all this and more in Eighth Day Magazine Issue Ten, out now in Print form from our website; Action Records, 46 Church Street, Preston; the Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool and Electrical Discount Centre, 277 Dickson Road, Blackpool. It is also available in eMag form.

Support Hung Like Hanratty's bid to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 HERE!

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