Announcement: 50p Price Rise From Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-four ... Blame Trump!

***Announcement***: From Eighth Day Magazine Issue Twenty-four, our massive star-studded Second Anniversary Issue, released on 05/09/20, we will be putting our price up just 50p to £5.00. We will also be adding a small P&P charge for certain overseas territories.

Our low price for such a high quality product has always been our USP and we didn't want to have to take such measures. However, due to such things as Trump's exorbitant new postage costs over in the US with postage prices also set to rise here very soon and generally just wanting to bring you, our readers all over the world, the best product we possibly can, we have been left no alternative.

For that extra 50p, we promise you even more value for money with even bigger interviews, even bigger exclusives and even bigger features! And remember, £5 is still less than a large McDonalds Extra Value Meal and even at that price, we still undercut a vast majority of our 'rivals'!

Meanwhile, our eMag version for desktops and mobile devices, featuring exactly the same features as the Print version, will remain at the world-beating price of £3!

You can to pre-order our very special Second Anniversary Issue in Print form here (eMag Version to follow on day of release), whilst Issue Twenty-three is available in Print and eMag form now!

Thank you for all your support over the last two years and here's to the next two and beyond!

Love Always, from everybody at Eighth Day Magazine xx

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